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IT s just a year since I asked myself WHY there was no direct flight between Valencia, Spain and New York, as I did not like the idea to change flight in Madrid or Paris. With longing I watched airplanes high up in blue sky travelling towards the sunset...into the direction where my heart belonged since I had been last time in the USA in 1976...a 24 hours long flight from Munich, Germany to New York with stops here and there.
When DELTA finaly announced the direct link between both cities, I danced with joy....once more the Universe had listened to me. Within months, don t ask me how it happend, I was able to save the money for my heart felt visit to the lands of my ancestors and what s more....got the flight for half the price, LOL

HOMELAND SECURITY....WOW, they realy took it serious. When my cousin finaly showed up at JFK airport and squeezed my ribs with such a joyful hug, all the years of waiting seemed to have melted....but HEY, only 2 days later, I felt homesick and wanted to go back to Spain. WHAT had happened????
Nothing, I missed the warm hugs and kisses of everyday´s life in Spain...at least in Valencia where, without knowing how it had happened, I had grown roots.
I missed all the trees and flowers, I missed all the smiles and I missed "my" mediterranean sea and our beach. New York might be a fantastic city, but I saw things through my native eyes, I felt people hungry for LOVE but not knowing how to relate with each other....so very kind and cold with a friendly smile that does not come from their hearts. I saw the city which 33 years back was so very much ahead of european technologies...now all old, grey and just a faint glimmer of its past. My cousin got mad at me when I compared and said that our subway isnt that noisy nor that dirty. Oh well, best place was Central Park and all the sweet racoons with their lil ones by late evening...the hour your mom would have told you not to be outdoors and much less in Central park, but I felt save there....funny isn t it???? MY heart was happy on Long Island, roaming into Deer Park forrest...another place your mom would not like you to be, LOL

Manhattan had no secrets for me, never got lost and found all I wanted to see or find...after all, the streets did not change in all those years....everything was in the same place as I remembered in my dreams .-) Even found my trip to Liberty and Ellis Islands for only $12 when everybody else announced it for 20 or $25. Made my way around to prepare for guiding future groups from Spain, felt deep pain at the native museum at the old Custom House, looking at all the handmade female leather dresses of our native sisters of old with such love and pacience and than......a gun hole where it had ended her life.
Yea, New York has different colours through native eyes.

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